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Gauntlet Payment option for liquidation impact for USDC.multi on Moonwell Apollo

Gauntlet Networks, Inc. (“Gauntlet”) is offering a payment option (“Payment Option”) for certain eligible tokenholders whose wallet values were impacted by liquidation fees resulting from the governance proposal MIP-14 applied as of December 24, 2022. Tokenholders who wish to exercise the Payment Option must sign a message by clicking the below button to exercise their payment option after connecting their wallet. Submission of wallet ID along with the signed message is all that is necessary to exercise the Payment Option. For more details please see
To see if you were affected please connect your wallet or visit

For Affected Users

Step 1: Connect Wallet
Step 2: If you are eligible for payment then "Sign-In with Ethereum", this allows us to make sure only you can see your liquidation impact and sign the release below.
Step 3: Click the "Sign Release" button
Step 4: Sign message with your wallet
Step 5: You will receive 70% of the payment within 3-5 business days on Moonriver in USDC.multi, the remaining 30% will be submitted in a subsequent Moonwell Apollo Governance Proposal.